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For a century, humanity's most brilliant minds have been entranced by the seductive promise of faster-than-light travel, only to be met with crushing disappointment at every turn.   Finian Rist, a globally notorious AI engineer renowned as much for his genius as his controversies, finds himself at the epicenter of a proposition too tempting to dismiss. The government claims to have finally shattered the elusive barrier to faster-than-light travel. All that's missing? An AI of unprecedented sophistication, capable of piloting a ship through the enigmatic expanse of hyperspace.   Acceptance means unleashing an entirely new species of AI. This is no ordinary machine, but one that must replicate all aspects of human consciousness. In essence—it must be human. Entangled in a web of ethical and moral quandaries, Finian stands on the precipice of uncharted territory: creating sentient digital life.   As Finian is thrust into a whirlwind of life-altering events, he embarks on a transcendental journey that oscillates between life, death, and rebirth. It's a journey that will inevitably forge the destiny of humankind.

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